Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers around the world.  Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and important “careers” !  We commit ourselves to our children: tiny, helpless little creatures that our loving and nurturing helps develop into the next generation in our society.  Generally speaking (although not always), adults are a reflection of what they are taught as they grow up.

As mothers, we show our children the strength and comfort found in unconditional love, compassion, self discipline, morals, honesty, self confidence, self respect, respect for our fellowman, trust and awareness of what should not be trusted; the list is infinite.  The things we teach them are confirmed by our living example as well as how we speak.  Being a mother is an incredible responsibility and priveledge.

My mother is also my friend.  We have an incredible bond that has stayed with us through life and as I raised my children, I thought back on our relationship many times.  The one thing I always appreciated about our relationship was that when I became a teenager and did something that I knew she would not approve of, I thought enough of her, that I would go to her and tell her what I had done, rather than have her hear about what it from someone else.  I could do this because I knew she would listen to my side of the issue and while I might be disciplined, I also knew she would just and fair.

I tried very hard to develop the same relationship with my children.  Did I totally succeed?  Not neccesarily…they certainly didn’t confide all their misdeeds to me…but all three of them maintain a loving close relationship with me and I am still a sounding board for them in happy times, stressful times and “what would you do, mom?” times.

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My toast to you: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!