May 2012

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This book is a realistic look at the journey of a rape victim as she struggles to come to terms with the horror of what has happened to her. Farida lives in a society where a woman who has been raped is not seen as a victim, but instead becomes the scorned one; a defiled person who loses her status in the community.

I was so impressed with this book. Tarek Refaat has so accurately portrayed this Egyptian woman’s point of view that you feel her frustration, her shame, her pain, her helplessness and you become involved in the lack of compassion in her community.
Rape is a despicable act anywhere in the world, and while the reactions of society are different in many places, the feelings and reactions of the victim are universal.
Tarek Refaat’s debut novel is filled with feeling and understanding. I predict that he will go far as an author.
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This book was a touching story of a first love,death, grief, second chances,moving on with life and a twist of paranormal and mystery. The lives of Greg, Lisa, their daughter Maggie and Lisa’s best friend, Marta, are all interwoven from the very beginning. There were many twists and turns in the story line as the paranormal elements crept in. At first I thought Lisa was the cause of them, but as the story came to the conclusion I realized I was wrong.

This is a good read and I recommend it to anyone who likes something than the regular run of the mill story.

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Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers around the world.  Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and important “careers” !  We commit ourselves to our children: tiny, helpless little creatures that our loving and nurturing helps develop into the next generation in our society.  Generally speaking (although not always), adults are a reflection of what they are taught as they grow up.

As mothers, we show our children the strength and comfort found in unconditional love, compassion, self discipline, morals, honesty, self confidence, self respect, respect for our fellowman, trust and awareness of what should not be trusted; the list is infinite.  The things we teach them are confirmed by our living example as well as how we speak.  Being a mother is an incredible responsibility and priveledge.

My mother is also my friend.  We have an incredible bond that has stayed with us through life and as I raised my children, I thought back on our relationship many times.  The one thing I always appreciated about our relationship was that when I became a teenager and did something that I knew she would not approve of, I thought enough of her, that I would go to her and tell her what I had done, rather than have her hear about what it from someone else.  I could do this because I knew she would listen to my side of the issue and while I might be disciplined, I also knew she would just and fair.

I tried very hard to develop the same relationship with my children.  Did I totally succeed?  Not neccesarily…they certainly didn’t confide all their misdeeds to me…but all three of them maintain a loving close relationship with me and I am still a sounding board for them in happy times, stressful times and “what would you do, mom?” times.

Today I am offering a free gift to all mothers who are interested in reading ebooks.  I just published my second book. It is the second in a trilogy and a sequel to the first book. If you like a bit of romance and everyday life please enjoy them.

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Enjoy a couple of good reads!

My toast to you: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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I loved this book. The humour and witty dialogue had me chuckling from the first chapter and I was glad it ended the way it did.  When I read the first few pages I knew it was going to be a fun read, but I was impressed as the story line developed to learn that I liked the varied characters and cared about them all. Dara and her cat, Mallory; Reggie(adorable); Jesse(priceless); Tony and Nick(OMG)—all loveable and so different; yet woven together into prose that felt believable and real.

Bonnie Trachtenberg did a bang up job on this one!

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Read Me Dead

I really enjoyed “Read Me Dead” and I am a grandma, not a YA!

Emerald Barnes has crafted a compelling read: a thriller, murder, mystery, with a romantic triangle and betrayal by someone in a position of trust. This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and held my attention to the end. There were many twists and turns in the plot, and the main character experienced real trauma (physically and emotionally), not just the threat of it.

Emerald makes you feel the romantic conflicts of a teenage girl, compounded by her fear for her own life and the lives of those that she cares for.  Alex’s emotional distress felt very real and I could understand how difficult it was for her to deal with everything that was hanging over her.

I enjoyed Barnes’s novella, “Piercing Through The Darkness” and it left me wanting to know ‘the rest of the story’.  This time she has written a full length, satisfying novel and she still leaves you wondering.

I recommend this book to all ages.  I read every  genre and I enjoyed this book.

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