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This review is from: The Consultant (Barry/McCall Series) (Kindle Edition)

I’m hooked on Claude Bouchards writing.  I read “Vigilante” and loved it. I then bought the second book in the series—“The Consultant.” and was not disappointed. Chris Barry is now officially my favorite good bad guy!

Being Canadian, I love that these books are situated in Canada (Yeah Canada!!)—but aside from that Bouchard’s writing is masterful. I have read a lot of murder/mystery/action/adventure/ conspiracy books written by big name writers and Bouchard does not take a back seat to any of them!!

Chris Barry is a smart, creative, tough man that no one would want for an enemy—as you discovered in “Vigilante”. But in “The Consultant” he proved that he was willing to work on the ‘right’ side of the law—if he wasn’t pushed. But when he was, he became as lethal as he needed to be to get the job done.

I really get off on Chris and his wife, Sandy’s, relationship; the understanding and support that she gives him as well as the undeniable love that they share.

Johnathan Addley was an exciting partner for Chris Barry in this book. I liked the way they interacted, even though they didn’t know each other well.

Dave McCall and his wife Cathy and Chris Barry and his wife Sandy have a wonderful friendship; but Dave and his wife have no idea about the secrets that Chris and Sandy share. Could they handle it if they really knew?

I’ll be reading the next book in this series with great anticipation! I’m sure Bouchard will not let me down.

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