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This book is a funny, witty, honest peek into reality.  Almost every woman who has experienced mother hood can relate to the emotions of the main character in some way.

As I read this book I had to admit that during my child rearing years I had been a “Momnesia.”  Even in happy, supportive relationships, it happens without you even realizing it.  A busy life, husband and children: the unspoken idea that you must be a “super hero” who just handles everything: the resentment that grows against a situation that taxes all your energy while everyone else takes what you do for granted. Many of us dig our own emotional graves by falling into sort of martyrdom.  The only way out is to realise that you are worth more and expect it: even demand it.

I chuckled several times, thought “oh yeah I remember those days” and enjoyed the main characters journey to finding herself again.

I look forward to Gramnesia, another book by this author.

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