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This review is from: Maggie’s Fall (Kindle Edition) by R. Lynn Wilson.

I truly enjoyed Maggie`s Fall.  It is a very real feeling story about a woman who is facedwith many issues at once and she has to make choices that have long term consequences.

Maggie McClellan chooses to keep the ranch that she has inherited in West Texas and diversify in an attempt to make it work. She is determined and hard working. The struggle to keep it afloat is almost defeating and if it weren`t for the loyalty of the people that surround her, she would surely have succumbed to the adversities that she faced.

Her son Thaddeus James, known as TJ, is wise beyond his years and I loved him. He wanted so badly to be a useful part of the operation. And as always there was the wonderful guy you would give your eye teeth for and the handsome scoundrel that you wished would disappear, but there is no accounting for the ways of the heart.

One aspect of this book that really appealed to me was the way Wilson portrayed her animals. I am married to a horse lover and I could tell as I read that the author was very knowledgeable about her horses.  I also enjoyed the description of the country side; it made me feel like I was there.

Maggie’s fall was an easy read and I found myself fully involved with all the characters.  I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a ranch story with a strong heroine and a realistic story line.

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