The Codex file

This an intriguing action packed murder, mystery, conspiracy novel based on the premise of select few members of the UK  government seeking to ban the internet and put a government controlled version of it in place.  This move robs an unsuspecting citizenship of it’s freedom; of control over it’s choices and it’s environment.

This book has all the elements of a great mystery, thriller, fiction read.  It also has a message for those who are open to consider it.  The freedoms we take for granted can be lost so easily through stealth and secretive promotion and gradual control.  Those of us who have enjoyed freedom for a century take it for granted; we become unsuspecting, never believing anything could happen to us.

As the Codex File is implemented there are people who are willing to risk everything to fight against it, using old technology. These people are hunted by the Codex enforcers; forced to flee for their lives, avoiding torture, imprisonment, and death.

The Codex enforcers have targeted Michael Robertson’s, family.  Initially he is devastated, and looses himself in the shock of his loss.  In time he gets himself together and while learning to cope with his personal grief on a daily basis, he seeks revenge for what has happened.  He is driven to become a fugitive, working with the “good guys” who are struggling against those who are plotting to rob the freedoms of the UK citizens.

This book is filled with twists and turns, good guys and bad guys and the usual knives, guns, car chases and physical violence.  It captured my attention from the first paragraph to the end.  It ends on a note that ensures that you will want to read the next one.  It is a book well written and I highly recommend it

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