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Hearts At Risk by Gloria Antypowich This book was offered as part of the Readn’Review for the month of March at the World Literacy Cafe. This is not a paid review. This review is my own opinion after reading this book. To form your own opinion please support the author and legally acquire your own copy. This book does not have a description at either Amazon.com or at goodreads.com. I decided to read this book based on the reviews located at each site.

The following is on the back cover of the book. Frankie Lamonte has fled the anonymity in the Cypress Hills, in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada, where she has become a ranch hand, leaving behind the clinic where she has been a practicing veterinarian and the rest of her shattered life in Alberta. She is looking for peace and solitude; a chance to heal emotionally. A place where she can regroup and decide what her next move will be.

All is going well—until Colt Thompson roars onto the scene and the sparks fly from every direction. The chemistry is sizzling and refuses to be denied. But they’ve both been there before, and they both know that hot and sexy does not necessarily mean long and happy. Neither one of them want to put their hearts at risk again.

Frankie runs once again, but this time she can’t leave it all behind. This love has unexpected ties that can’t simply be brushed aside. Colt has made up his mind, and he tracks her down. He isn’t going to let her get away and he makes it plain that he will fight for what he wants.

This book starts out with Frankie as a young naive 18 year old female. She has been accepted to a veterinary school. She is at a rodeo with some friends and meets up with Martin. They both like each other and try to have a relationship. Martin was also accepted to the veterinary school that accepted Frankie.

To me it seems like Frankie has everything all planed out in her mind. They will both will be veterinarians. Set up a practice together and live happily ever after. Frankie is young and does not know that nothing goes as planned. She sets herself up for a huge heartache. Frankie does what most people would want to do. She runs away. She runs from the heartache, the pain, the emotions everything.

Frankie finds peace being a ranch hand. Alone with her boss Ollie who is old enough to be her father. Ollie understand that Frankie is running from something but does not know what. Frankie does not tell Ollie that she is a veterinary doctor.

Frankie has gone to meet an old friend, Jim at a rodeo. Jim wants a relationship with Frankie, but Frankie is not willing to give in to any type of relationship with anyone. Jim gets very angry and upset over this. Even though Frankie has told him over and over that she does not want a relationship with him. Jim just does not understand or does not want to understand. He is one of those people that does not care about what the other person wants he is only concerned about what he wants.

At the rodeo Frankie clashes with Colt Thompson and more than sparks fly. They clash not only with attitudes they clash with almost anything that is said between them. They each recognize that the sparks could lead to something more but are not willing to pursue it. They have both been hurt int he past and do not want to be hurt again. Will Frankie and Colt accept that those sparks are more than just sexual desire for each other? Will they allow their hearts to lead and forget about the past hurt?

No I am not going to spoil it for you. Read the book to find out. While I truly enjoyed this book there were format problems on my Kindle. I do not know if it is just my Kindle or if it needs some editing. This does not effect reading the book. Part of the book print is in bold and part of the book print is not in bold. I do not understand why the author has allowed this or if it is a format problem.

I did not like how the author added a spoiler about the ending of the book in the prologue. I personally as a reader do not want to know anything about the ending until I read it. However the author seemed to do a lot of research for this book. I will admit to not know anything about Canada (since I do not live there). I do know a lot about animals, farming and ranching. Maybe it is me but I wished the author would of explored more about the character Frankie and her work with animals.

This book has an average of 150 pages. Not a long book and if you are a fast reader it could be read in one setting or a couple hours. There is not a lot of meaningless sex in this book. This book is a story about the travels two characters take to find there life-long mate the one that has chemistry.

The author did a wonderful job of creating characters that I could connect with. I will admit that I found it hard to cut my Kindle off when reading this book. The bunnies and I give this book 3.5 Carrots. No I am not taking away for the formatting problems. I just did not like knowing about the ending at the beginning of the book.

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