If You Loved Mei

Dr. Emma Garret and prominent wildlife photographer,Gray MacKenzie, have a history. Years ago she had loved him and he had loved her; but they had wanted different things from life. She was a city girl, he loved the wilds. Their dreams didn’t mesh. He had left her and she had married his best friend.

Now, Chris, Emma’s teenage son is missing. Desperate, she turns to Gray for help, because Chris has disappeared in the environment that Gray understands and works in.

Gray has not forgotten her;or forgiven her for shattering his dreams and moving on with her life. Gray’s attitude is uncompromising, but Emma will endure his anger and resentment to find her son.

The tension between them is unrelenting. This is a story filled with old memories, old hurts and old love. Even if they find Chris, can they make peace between themselves?

This was a great read and I enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance and the complexities of relationships.

Vanessa has written numerous books during her long and illustrious career.  You can find her at http://vanessagrant.com/

So settle in your favourite chair, put on some soft romantic music and lose yourself in        If You Loved Me”

My toast is to you! Lets click our glasses.