Cancelled (Love story from a male POV)

I found it interesting to read a chick lit romance that was written from a male point of view.
Johnathan Michaels made a bad decision one night and found himself in a compromising situation the next morning.

Months later when the business that was his brain child acquired it’s biggest contract, and he is making a life together with the woman he loves, the results of that “compromising situation” appears at his door: a very pregnant girl whose name he doesn’t know.

This book follows Johnathan as he juggles compounding problems; his business, his family problems , his love and his impending fatherhood with a woman he doesn’t know.

I liked Johnathan. There were times I wanted to shake him, there were times I felt compassion for him, there were times when I really respected him. At times my heart ached for him. He faced reality, made tough decisions and chose wisely.

The story line had several twists and unexpected turns. It was refreshingly realistic and I enjoyed it

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