A Sister's Promise

This was a wonderful story of sisters, bound even closer than normal, by the child hood they shared; as well as their DNA.

I loved these two sisters right from the start. Joely is faced with circumstances that would be daunting to many. She projects her dream onto her sister Kate, hoping to live vicariously through her and enjoy an experience that she feels will never be her own.

But Kate and her husband have their own vision of life and it is not in line with Joely’s plans.

I believe there are three truths about every situation in life; yours, mine and the absolute truth! I felt Kate was caught in that scenario. Joely believed she knew what she wanted , Kate and her husband, Mitch, wanted something very different. Eventually,Kate had to discover her own truth and make decisions that were not based on Joely or Mitch`s wishes. Her hard decisions forced the two most important people in her life grow emotionally too.

I loved the way this book ended. In real terms, life and relationships can take unpredictable turns; this was true in “A sisters Promise”.

I really enjoy Karen Lenfestey`s writing. I read “What Happiness Looks Like” first, and I liked it so much that I decided to read “A Sister`s Promise” to get full picture of Joely and Kate`s story.

I was not disappointed and I would recommend that anyone interested read both of them!

My toast to you for a great read or two!