March 2012

 Vigilante (Barry/McCall Series)

I got totally into this book; a murder, mystery that kept me involved from beginning to end. The plot was full of twists and turns and when you thought you knew the answer you found out you had no idea what it was.

This book reminded me a little of the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” I couldn’t help but admire that brilliant young bandit in the movie and I rooted for him all the way; even though  I knew they should lock him up and throw away the key.

That was how I felt about the murderer in Vigilante. Legally he was dead wrong; morally I guess he was too–but he only killed the scum and lowlifes in society that harmed the innocent and managed to evade the law–and even though I knew it was wrong, I hoped he wouldn’t get caught.

All good books have to come to an end, but I didn’t know for sure until the last page who the murderer was.

I will definitely look for more of Claude Bouchards books

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Capitol Angst

I enjoyed this political thriller very much. It is full of action, mystery, intrigue and conspiracy. -continue reading>

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Widow, Virgin, Whore by Deanna Lynn Sletten

The Title of this book of this book is both appropriate and almost misleading.  I am not bothered by sexually explicit material in a book, because to me sex is a very real part of the human experience; and that is what I was expecting to find.  I was surprised, but not disappointed to find that there was no actual sex in the story.

Instead I found myself drawn into a wonderfully written human drama -continue reading…>

The Jackpot

How many of us dream of having the winning lottery tickets? You might think twice after reading “The Jackpot”! This was a riveting story from the first paragraph and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read until late at night to discover how it would end.
-continue reading….>

Judgment Tramp (An Eb Maclean novel)

I received this book as a Free Friday selection in March, 2012 at WLC.

“Judgement Tramp” was a good read.  It is a well written, fast-paced, action adventure with intrigue and a dash of romance and lust.  Along the way Eb discovers that many things are not what they seem to be; he has been lied to over and over again and he discovers that even his family ties are not what he thought they were.  The plot had surprising twists and turns to the very end. – continue reading….>

Hearts at Risk by Gloria Antypowich 2012/03/04 |Author KYbunnies

Hearts At Risk by Gloria Antypowich This book was offered as part of the Readn’Review for the month of March at the World Literacy Cafe. This is not a paid review. This review is my own opinion after reading this book. To form your own opinion please support the author and legally acquire your own copy. This book does not have a description at either or at I decided to read this book based on the reviews located at each site. -continue reading….>

Cancelled (Love story from a male POV)

I found it interesting to read a chick lit romance that was written from a male point of view.
Johnathan Michaels made a bad decision one night and found himself in a compromising situation the next morning. – continue reading…..>

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