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At 4 o`clock in the morning, Julia Henry is looking through her stepsons telescope at  Place Papineau, the apartment block 2 streets down from her house. She is trying to find the balcony at #808 on the eighth floor; an apartment that she and her husband vacated months ago, but are still being billed for rent on.Not only is this illegal, but she is certain that someone else is renting it.

This morning, while she`s is looking for a light or any other sign of life in # 808, she witnesses the spectacle of death, as the girl who had lived next to them in  #807, bursts through a window and falls 8 floors to certain death on the snow below.

Julia is sickened by the spectacle. She did not know the girl very well, but she had spoken to her once or twice and she cannot ignore what she has seen. She doesn`t even consider doing so. She grabs the keys to her van and races down to Place Papineau.

Amanda Reilly dies as Julie kneels beside her, and Julia finds herself drawn into a mystery that revolves around Amanda’s unexplained death, faulty accounting and secrets at Place Papineau, the Aylmer rapist who has struck repeatedly in the area, and a missing memory card from Amanda`s camera that probably contains pictures that would incriminate someone who desperately wants to remain anonymous.

This story is full of twists and turns, a glimpse of paranormal, deceit, murder, lies and depravity and deep and painful secrets that change lives when they are revealed. I loved the way Kate Burns let the story line unfold and I didn`t foresee the way it played out until it was happening.

The Ophelia Trap drew me in from the very first page and kept me eagerly reading eagerly to the very end.

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Here’s my toast to a great read!