Piercing Through the Darkness

Piercing Through the Darkness by Emerald Barnes

WOW! What suspence!!

A tragic accident tore Jonathan Chandler’s life apart when his wife and young daughter were killed the previous fall. His life carried on, even though he would have welcomed the comfort of death. He performed his job as a science teacher at the college, but his job was just a vehicle he used to keep himself busy so he could make it through the crushing emptiness of each day. Nothing had meaning.

Then a new student showed up in his class.-continue reading...>He felt sucker punched when he read her name; Kandi Moore. She was the driver of the car that had killed his family, shattered his life, and stolen his will to live.

There she was, carefree and beautiful. How could she be happy after the carnage she had caused.  How dare she show up in his class?  Chandler becomes obsessed, driven by his pain and anger. The desire for revenge becomes a constant presence and he starts stalking the unaware Kandi.

Kandi, doesn’t remember the accident. It was so horrific that her mind has repressed the memory. Those close to her have withheld the truth in an attempt to protect her from the horrible reality, fearing that she could not cope with it.  She has no idea that her life has touched Chandler’s in such a tragic way.  She only knows that he seems to hate her, but she can’t figure out why. She certainly never imagines that she could be in real danger from him.

Emerald portrayed the aftermath of the tragic accident from both points of view, creating empathy and compassion for both characters. Their lives were interwoven in a terrible web. I became emotionally involved with both of them.  I feared for Kandi, but in the end my heart bled for Johnathan Chandler and what he had become.

Emerald Barnes has great talent–now I want to know what happens to these two people after the dramatic conclusion of this novella.

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I recommend this book to any one who enjoys well written heart pounding suspence!

Pull a cuddly afghan around you, settle in with Piercing Through The Darkness for a suspense filled evening read.

 Here’s a  toast to you!