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Chocolicious!   (That cover makes me drool—I’d love the recipe!)

Everything in Blair Nightingale’s life has not been sweet, addicting comfort.

As a young woman Blair didn’t really know what she wanted. Her sister, Vicki, said that she all she did was spend her time dreaming about new exotics places and wild adventures. She had gone to college and gotten a degree in psychology, but she had wanted to escape the routine dullness of her life in small town, Lakepoint, Indianna.  When she met charming, wonderful Larry, she felt she had opened the door to an exciting life in California where he lived.

In the beginning Larry was persistent and heady in his pursuit of her—the perfect romance! And in the beginning he truly was in love and he worked hard to provide the security and life that he wanted for his family; the life he had never had in his childhood.

But in real life there can be a fine line between-continue reading....> ambition and greed. Larry lost sight of his noble goals; his dreams burgeoned, leading him into the grasp of greed which carried him into a life of crime.  His possessions took the forefront; bigger houses, more expensive cars, fancy parties that she grew to hate. He spent less and less time with Blair.  She had built her whole world around Larry, but he was never there to share it with her. All he did was work and seek to get more money, more things.

The exciting life that Blair had sought didn’t turn out to be what she had expected.  She had glamour and wealth, but she was desperately lonely.  She came to realise that money didn’t buy her happiness or true friends. She was isolated, a prisoner in a modern luxurious palace.

Then Larry dies, leaving her pregnant and alone.  She is desolate, facing a lifetime ahead of her without the man she had given up her individuality for.  Her child would never know her father.

Then she finds that this heroic man was actually a common thief, who had stolen millions from his boss and now she is losing everything because of his actions; her home, her cars, her jewellery, all the “things” that he had prized; that she had gotten used to.

She resented Larry’s friend, George, because Larry truly had spent more time with him than he had with her. Now Larry is dead, and ironically George is the one who is there for her.  He is there when her baby is delivered. He will do anything to help her, look after her.

But she realises that she has always had someone there to look after her; first her Nana, her sister Vicki, her husband Larry.  Vicki wants her to come back to Lakepoint, Indianna so she can have the help and support of old friends and family.  Blair resists that move.  She doesn’t want to slip back into thee old small town rut.  She wants to become independent and make her own way. She moves into a dingy apartment and looks for work. There are not many choices and since she hasn’t worked since she graduated, she is totally unskilled and unprepared for taking on a job.

She lands mediocre positions, but they never last very long.  George is so desperately in love with her, he can’t imagine his life without her and the baby. Gradually, she grows to love him, admitting how much had been missing in her marriage before, how different love was when it was honestly given.

But George has secrets, just as Larry did.  He doesn’t know if Blair will still love him if he tells her and he is unwilling to take that risk. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface. Blair finds out that George has not always been truthful and honest. She doesn’t know if she can forgive him or trust him again.

Blair moves back to her home town.  She and her sister go into business making the three layer chocolate cup cakes that their Nana had been famous for. They call their business Chocolicious!

For me this story was about  family and loyalty, unconditional love, secrets that come back to haunt you, second chances, betrayal, forgiveness, finding one’s self and the courage to follow your dream.

This was a good read and I would definitely recommend it.

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So curl up with Chocolicious, and if chocolate is your fix make sure you have some with you.

Here’s my toast to a good read