Cover for 'Double Shock'

When Ramona Ramsey finally had enough of her husband Jake’s cheating and physical abuse, she decided she would end it; when the opportunity came she murdered him.

“She had been drying her hair, while Jake had been having a bath. He had wanted her to hurry up and start bathing him. He had started to jump out of the tub and it had frightened her. She was afraid he would start hitting her again. She had stumbled; the hair dryer flew out of her hand and fell in the tub. It had electrocuted him. It was an accident.”

That was what she told Sherriff Steven Barefoot. She told the same story to her neighbour,Irene. There was one big flaw in her story: her hair had not been washed. They did not believe her.

Ramona, or Rami as she was known, knew she was in big trouble. She would probably go to jail: so she was shocked when the Sherriff told her that she should sit down and work out a more believable story with her friend, Irene. He would officially question her the next day and record that Jake’s death was an accident.

This was the first in a series of questionable things that happened in Addison, Georgia after Jake died. Everyone in town knew how Jake had abused Ramona, but it still puzzled her that the whole town seemed willing to cover up the murder and pretend that it had never happened.

There were whispered conversations that ended abruptly when she stepped into the room.

And then there were the strange activities that she seen from the window in Irene’s house when she should have been asleep; people were digging in the back yard of the house she had lived in with Jake. And could that be her friend, Irene, that she saw crawling out from under her house?

When she went back to her house to get some of her things it had been ransacked; everything torn apart, but nothing taken. Someone was looking for something, but what?

And why would a respected citizen offer to buy the rundown shack that Jake had owned for an exorbitant price; and settle the deal for at least three times what the market value was?

Why was she being encouraged to move away and build a life elsewhere?

Had Jake been involved in something she didn`t know about? She was frightened. She wasn’t sure what was going on or who was involved, but she was certain she didn’t know who she could trust.

As the story unfolds, Ramona learns that few people are what they seem to be in the town she has known for years. They all live double lives, behind a façade of normality.

Her mother, who has been know as the town slut, is really not who Ramona has believed her to be. Ramona learns compassion for her; even learns to admire her.

The “respectable” people who have been seen as venerable citizens have an explosive secret and are enmeshed in an underground society that threatens her safety, and that of those she loves.

This is a great story that made me think about how radical ideas can thrive and be nourished within a community, without detection buy those who are not involved. It is fiction, but it is hauntingly close to the shameful reality that has played a part in our history; in some measure, one different levels, it still thrives there today.

Within the pages of this book you will find hate, love, pain, fear, intrigue, action, loyalty, betrayal, defeat and victory; a broad spectrum of human emotions in a believable setting.

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