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CDO–is a practical manual for parenting!!

How many times have I told my children that parents don’t come with operating manuals! Now there is one! Having raised four children, I well remembered the challenges as I read CDO; Chief Daddy Officer! Life might have been easier if I’d had this book away back then. Instead, we had to rely on our instincts; and yes! sometimes we screwed up. But now we have a close knit family who are raising their own children. One of our grandchildren is getting married. I plan to give each one of them this book. 

Today we see many children and young adults that have grown up in a permissive society, with little discipline and guidance. In many cases the results are disconcerting and detrimental. It has always been my belief that children need to know there are expectations and boundaries for them to live within. They need to have respect for their parents, just as their parents need to have respect for them. No one likes to live under a dictatorship, but true happiness is not found in chaos and running free. Children need guidance and direction in setting goals for their future.

I enjoyed Christos Efessiou’s little excerpts that showed his parenting skills and interactions with his daughter. I chuckled as he related the incident when he was going away for the weekend and turned around an went back home, sensing something wasn’t right; catching his daughter red handed when she brought friends home for an unsupervised party. I applauded him for asking her what she thought her punishment should be. She realized that she had broken his trust and recommended something far more drastic than he had in mind. He was fair and firm,but he stuck to his guns, not relenting because he felt sorry for her, or because he got too lazy himself to enforce his edict. And yahoo! Her friends actually respected him for it.

Her desire to honor him for his fiftieth birthday, the thought she put into making it representative of him and his interests and her tribute to him as a father, tugged at my heart.

The way he reasoned with her about her wedding, and her consideration of his thoughts once again demonstrated the wonderful respect and loving bond that existed between them.

I agree with so many of his principles; never ridiculing your child or taking away the value of their opinions; always telling them that you love them; giving an abundance of sincere praise when it is due; admitting if you have been wrong; giving them permission to feel angry with you; maintaing consistency in your expectations so they know where they are with you; giving them room to spread their wings and make mistakes; letting them know you TRUST them.

CDO is a fantastic “manual” for parenting! Thank you to Christos Efessiou for sharing his insight with the world.

You can find out more about Christos Efessiou at practical manual for parenting, this is a book to share over a cup of coffee and discuss its insights.