Catch and Release

Dr. Dave Saunders and “J” are from two different worlds. Both are fly fishermen, and they meet on a river. They are caught up in unexpected passion and a life and death struggle against  criminal elements from “J’s” life, that puts them on the run.

At one time Juanita, or Jenny as she was known then, had a mother and father and a happy life. An Irish cop with a Puerto Rican wife was a crazy combination, but her father and mother always enjoyed every moment of their time together.

One night, while working on a drug bust, things went very wrong when her father received a fatal gunshot, an event that changed J’s life forever. Her mother never recovered from his death, spending her remaining years in a haze of alcohol and deadbeat men, which lead to her murder when Jenny was just thirteen years old.

When her mother died, Jenny stopped being Juanita forever and became Jennifer. Twenty years later she was nicknamed “J”. She had become a woman who was hard, tough, street savvy, trusted no one , was totally self reliant and would take no shit from anyone. Her father’s death had left a bitterness that set her course in life and she was determined to even the score in the game that had taken her father. Revenge ran in her blood, driving her.

For the past two years she had worked inside a Columbian drug connection; cold, ruthless people who would kill for no reason. Every day she walked the tightrope, alone in the world with no net to protect her fall.

Suddenly her gut feeling told her something was wrong; that she had become expendable. She played it smooth, and when the opportunity came she took it and escaped, running for her life, knowing she was tired of the game.

She fled to a place in the mountains that was hours away; to a favourite spot of hers that she was sure would be deserted now. A place where she could indulge in fly fishing, which was her favourite hobby. There, she could hide away from the sordidness of her life, from the infinite danger that she was in and make some decisions.

Dr. Dave Saunders is a New York psychologist. He has taken a week off, heading for a spot in the mountains that will become his monastic hideaway. There, he will pit himself against the mountain trout with a fly rod. Dave has been married and divorced. He’s a very independent individual, content to spend most of his time alone and unattached.  He is peace loving and non-violent. He even has some qualms about killing the fish he catches; nevertheless, he’s managed to bury that struggle when it interferes with his fishing fun.

When he reaches the mountains he loses himself in the sounds of the river, the magic of nature.  He challenges himself with the action of his fly rod and the cunning of the trout; something he has enjoyed since childhood when he fished with his father. He enjoys the solitude of the night as he lays in his tent.

Intent on their love of fishing, J and Dave meet on the river. There is an attraction between them and in the end they share a magical day and an incredible sexual experience.

They come back to their separate camps, planning to meet later, have a relaxing dinner and an intimate evening. As Dave comes back to J’s camp, he is surprised to hear voices –angry, threatening voices. As he cautiously approaches, he sees that a man has tied J up and is threatening her forcefully. He noticed earlier that she has a gun in her back pack. He finds it and shoots the man, who at that same instant shoots at him, hitting him.  When he scrambles to his feet, the guy is flat on the ground, dead.  He has murdered a human being. Within less than 24 hours his life has turned upside down.

When he demands answers, J tells him she is a Federal Agent with Narcotics, working with the FBI.

From that point the story takes a wild and crazy ride, full of danger, shootouts, deception, crime and murder.  Dave’s incredible sense of trust and love for J has to be true love or stark denial. At various times throughout the whole story, I found myself wondering if she was truly a Federal Agent or a very clever con. That is not a criticism of the writing, instead a statement of the author’s skill.

“Catch and Release,” is filled with plot twists, wild action, danger, suspense and romance. Never a dull  moment.

There were some formatting issues. The varied font changes caught my attention the most. Basically, I always read for the enjoyment of the story, so I looked past the other things.

I enjoyed the story line of “Catch and Release.”  I recommend it as a great read.

Disclosure: This review was part of the WoMen’s Lit Cafe Review program. I received the e-book free as part of the process, and I do not know the author personally.

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My toast to you! I think you’ll enjoy an suspense filled read.

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