Hearts At Risk ebook is now available at Smashwords.  I am excited because it gives me more coverage in the market place and the flexibility to issue discount coupons. I’m celebrating by offering a FREE Coupon Code for a limited time as a gift for the New Year!
Thanks to Steve Caresser (pictured above) at  http://www.eprintedbooks.com for getting Hearts at Risk up and running on Smashwords in record time. Job well done and I highly recommend his service!
You can find Steve at www.eprintedbooks.com
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My New Years gift to you;
Hearts At Risk ebook Free at Smashwords!

Coupon Code: FQ56J      Enjoy!

Also, thank you to “Kris-T-Lee Photography” for updating the cover for Smashwords. I wanted to retain the original cover for sentimental reasons. The girl in the picture is my soon to be 26 year old granddaughter and her fiance. They posed for the picture for the book. There isn’t a great change, but I am happy with this new cover; to me it focuses more on the people than the other features. Hopefully it will cover the “oh, is it a story about horses?” or more disappointing to me “is this about people at risk of having a heart attack?”   LOL I live and learn. Next time I’ll lead with my head, not just follow my heart!!

Enjoy your free copy of the Hearts At Risk ebook through Smashwords!

Watch for the sequel A Warm, Safe Place expected to be out on Smashwords by April!!