4.0 out of 5 stars Hearts At Risk, January 4, 2012
This review is from: Hearts At Risk (Paperback)

Are you familiar with the old Johnny Cash song about a boy named Sue? This sweet little novel is about a girl named Frankie who grows up on a Canadian farm with a love of horses and some talent riding and roping. A beautiful girl, with long coppery hair, we first meet Frankie at age 18 when she meets her first love. After a slightly awkward time lapse forward, Frankie is a vet with a heart broken by that first love, working as a ranch hand to get away from the stress of a year where her first love dumped her, her father had a near brush with death and sold the family farm and she could no longer to bear working in the veterinary clinic with the first lover and his new love. Her new boss Ollie is an old curmudgeon with whom she has a father daughter type relationship, but she has never met the chauvinistic owner of the ranch, Colt Thompson.
On a day off, Frankie meets up with a friend, Jim, to go to the local rodeo. Jim is interested in more than friendship, but Frankie hasn’t recovered from her failed relationship and wouldn’t be interested in Jim other than as a friend. While wandering around before the rodeo, she visits the barn and has a nasty encounter with a gorgeous green eyed cowboy who is suspicious of her interest in a gorgeous filly. When she starts to feed the filly a sugar cube, the gorgeous cowboy stops her, grabbing her hard enough to bruise her. Angry sparks and sparks of highly charged sexual attraction fly between them.
When Ollie takes a few days off from the ranch, that nasty, chauvinistic owner shows up at the ranch to check on a couple things. He’s gorgeous with bright green eyes and Frankie immediately recognizes the angry cowboy from the rodeo as her boss, Colt Thompson. Colt appears to be a surly man, but he’s really just an angry male version of Frankie: wounded by love that ended in betrayal and distrustful of all women.
Their mutual attraction is fiery and ends in a lovemaking session that leaves them sated and astonished but unable to consider putting their wounded hearts at risk. After a few more passionate interludes, both of them realize that there are strong and even loving feelings between them but can they make it work? Frankie discovers that she is pregnant, but before she can share the news, Colt announces his engagement to a woman friend that he doesn’t love but believes he can trust.
There are some interesting twists and turns in this romance novel. Antypowich’s writing is crisp, evocative, and highly charged. Will Frankie and Colt have the opportunity to put their hearts at risk? Will he find out that he is going to be a father or will Frankie leave him alone to marry his fiancée and raise their child alone? Find out the answers by reading the enjoyable novel, Hearts at Risk.