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When Laura Harmon ran for mayor she vowed to clean up the corruption that had shaken the quiet little town since a series of new developments had come to Campbell Creek.

She is adjusting to the move away from being a stay-at-home mom of three young adult kids and one toddler. Now she is a small-town mayor. She is trying to run a tight ship and no matter where she goes she hears about town issues, complaints and criticisms . In this little town where everyone always knows everyone and everything that is going on, sometimes it seems that there is nowhere to escape the pressures of her job. She works from her office at home periodically, a move that gives her a measure of protection from the public and gives her a chance to accomplish some of the administrative work she needs to do. It also helps her balance things a bit with her husband and family who now have competition for her time.

Her husband, Will Harmon, became the sheriff when his predecessor, Michael Peterson died 6 months earlier.  Will has been an officer of the law for 25 years and sitting on the administrative side of the desk has been a hard adjustment to make. Dealing with budget reports, schedules, tickets and court documents are not his choice of work. To make things more difficult, as mayor of the town, his wife is now his boss.  She is digging into budgets etc. set up by the previous administration and not liking what she is finding. In their professional lives, the squeeze is being felt.

Laura and Will have been together for over 20 years. They have a strong marriage, but like all couples have differences.  Laura is wilful, determined and strong minded.  When threats against her escalate from a hit and run on her car that is no accident, to taunting letters and a bomb threat, Will becomes increasingly alarmed and protective. He is stuck in the administrative side of the law and has to rely on his staff and deputies to the investigative work.  All he wants to do make sure she does not come to harm. But she has a job to do and she is determined to do it.

As one by one the obvious suspects are cleared, the pressure increases. Who is behind the threats and why? Wendy L. Young does a great job of drawing you in, making you feel the tension as it rises.

This book is full of twists and turns. Will and Laura and the other secondary characters feel authentic in their actions, reactions and interactions.  Just when I thought I had a good idea about what was really going on in the story, Young would throw another curve into the plot.  I never saw how this would end until the last chapter.

I have downloaded “Come The Shadows” which is actually the first book in this sequel and to be honest I would recommend that readers get it first.  While not having read it did not inhibit my reading pleasure of “Red Sky Warning”, I felt after reading the reviews of the first book, that it would have shed light on the background for this book and therefore given me a greater understanding of what was at stake.

This book is a mystery, with lots of suspense, but it also gets you really involved in the life of this couple. I’m waiting for the next book to tie up the open ends!

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My toast to you to enjoy a fine read when you get involved in the mystery and suspense of The Campbell Creek Mysteries