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Any Given Christmas is the second book in a trilogy about the Silverthorne siblings from Deer Lick, Montana.  There is a continuing para-normal theme that runs through Second Chance at The Sugar Shack and Any Given Christmas: the family’s recently departed mother appears on many occasions to talk to her children, encouraging them to make decisions that will make their lives complete.  I loved her in the first book and she tickled my fancy in this one too.

At the age of fourteen, Dean Silverthorne had vowed two things to himself: First, to never get suckered, lured, conned or tricked into the dreaded I Do’s. Marriage would never be for him. All he had to do was look at the misery on his cousin’s face when he did the right thing and married a girl he had knocked up; a girl he hardly knew and certainly wouldn’t have chosen to marry otherwise.  Second, he vowed to never, ever let anything or anyone stand in the way of his dream too become a star NFL quarterback.

When he comes back to Deer Lick, Montana for his sister Kate’s wedding he is 34, and he can lay claim to successfully keeping both of those promises to himself up until now. He has played for the Stallions for twelve seasons and reveled in his nick name “Mr Perfect.”

He has been a player both on and off the field.  He has built his whole life around the game of football. He loves the sport and can’t imagine his existence without it. It has earned him millions, paid for his fancy condo in Houston, his Mercedes SL. and let him put money in the bank.

Off the turf he has played the field too, dating long legged, sexy supermodels and movie stars who are not looking for wedding rings, but are content with a round of hot sex and the media coverage they get from being seen and photographed with him.  Half of what is printed isn’t true but is an image that he has cultivated. The Sexiest Man, and Mr. Perfect. Women fall over themselves to get his attention.

When he comes to Deer Lick he is on the injured list, out of action until his shoulder is healed. The damage is extensive and his doctors have little faith in his recovery, but he knows he will make it back.  He has to. Football is his life. He won’t let anything stand in his way!

At the wedding he meets his sister’s friend, Emma Hart. Emma is probably the only woman at the wedding who isn’t star struck by the appearance of Deer Lick’s hometown hero.  Emma sees him as the playboy he is portrayed to be. She refuses to dance with him and tells him “men like you only see the end game…. meaningless sex. A one-nighter, a nooner or what ever time of the day you can manage to find a willing body.” And she lets him know she definitely is not interested in him. Not even to exchange playful banter with.

Dean returns to Houston, seeking the comfort of his familiar life, his comradery with the team, the excitement of being in the stadium on game night. But once there he realizes things are not the same when he’s not playing; he also begins to feel that everyone on the team is more interested in the status of his shoulder than in him as a person. His temporary replacement is slotted into the game and the team backs him. Whatever it takes to win the Game!

Dean is frustrated. He feels his injury has made him weak. He hates his lack of control. He hates that nobody has faith in him returning to the game. He hates that he has lost his edge. He decides to go back to Deer Lick for a couple of weeks of R&R.  It’s Christmas time, and this will be the family’s first Christmas without their mother who died suddenly just months before.  He loved his mother a great deal and misses her intensely.

Emma Hart is beautiful and sweet. She is in a lonely place right now. Her grandmother, the woman who raised her, suffers from dementia and is fading fast. Emma has had to put her in a nursing home, but she misses her “memaw” as she calls her. She would love to bring her home for Christmas but realizes she can’t.

Her cat, Oscar, is her closest companion and has been with her through thick and thin.  She is Deer Lick’s kindergarten teacher and she loves her class of 5 year olds.  She takes special interest in Brenden Jones, a student with autism that Emma hopes to be able to help as she studies for her Master’s degree and learns new ways to help teach children with that problem.

Emma would like to find true love, like Kate has. She wants to get married, have kids and the whole happy family thing. She can’t deny that Dean is physically attractive and charming, but men like him are not for her. She doesn’t want a player; she wants someone with a sincere heart, someone who will make a commitment, someone who wants to settle down, someone who will share her dreams.

Dean is intrigued by Emma. Women always like him, but not Emma. This piques his interest and he becomes determined to win her over. He realizes she isn’t his type, but he finds himself seeking her out. They find common ground on one thing.  To Emma’s amazement, Dean is very good with children and he has some understanding of dealing with autism, because one of his teammates has an autistic child.  He admits that he loves kids, but that doesn’t mean they have to be his own!

There were many twists and turn in Dean and Emma’s relationship; well worth the ride to get to the destination: happiness!

I loved the first book and I certainly was not disappointed with this one.  I look forward to Kelly’s story next!  Candis Terry is a great writer if you’re into well defined characters, and sexy romances with a happy ending coming up!

Look up Candis Terry at http://candisterry.com/

Here’s a toast to curling up with a romance and a glass of wine!