Where have the past 11 months gone!! Well they say time flys when you’re having fun so I guess I’m having fun!!

Life’s been full and running over! And I’ve felt like I’ve been on a endless treadmill these past few months, but I think I have most things in place now–the blog site, the website, Hubby’s blog and website and I’m starting to get hang of some of the multi media marketing stuff.  Now I’m back to writing on my second book–which feels good. It is coming along nicely.

I’ve read a lot of ebooks since I got my Kindle, and I’m committed to supporting my fellow authors by giving them honest Book Reviews to help promote their work, because I realize how important that is.

I read at night when my brain is tired of processing my own efforts. I often read for 4 or 5 hours and find it relaxing, but I got behind on my book reviews, so right now I spend time each day catching up!  I still have a few more to go before I’m finished.  Hence the flood of book reviews. But I felt very rewarded the other day when I got a message on face book telling me that  my book review for My Blood Runs Blue had inspired them to buy the book.  Now I know somebody reads my efforts!

In our  household we are waiting to hear back from a serious agent contact, regarding my husband’s memoirs. Waiting is hard.  If memoirs interest you, you could check out the website I built for him on Yola at  http:// www.memoirsofmylife-historyinthemaking.com. If you do please say Hi to him in the comment box.  It would mean a lot to  him.  I have a couple of pictures that I need to put in his manuscript, before I get caught in a crunch and rushed for time!  I’ve been procrastinating, working on my own stuff.

My final thoughts for today: In  our part of the world it would appear that we truly have winter.  I thought the snow might leave, as it is a bit early it seems–but it is truly a winter wonderland out there. So we might as well embrace it, since we can’t change it. Hubby has had to plow the driveway and yard with the quad and the snow blade twice already!

Since it is already December, I suggest we try to adjust our priorities a bit for now!! Take time to enjoy the pre-holiday build up–shopping, baking, entertaining, going to parties, spending time with friends, decorating, enjoying the magic of a sparkling tree, enjoying the excitement in your kids and grand-kids eyes, sharing a kindness with a lonely person or needy family–This holiday season (in our house we call it a Christmas tradition) only comes once a year! I hope you take time to enjoy it, no matter what it means to you and no matter what you call it in your house!!