Deadly Reunion (The Taci Andrews Deadly Series)

Taci Andrews is 33 years old and single. She is an investigative reporter for the Riverdale Times and she definitely has her own mind. She’s plays the game of life her way; doing what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. She is witty and lippy, and doesn’t really care too much about what others think. But she does have a soft spot for her brother (even if she won’t admit it), thinks her parents (particularly her matchmaking mother) are a pain, is loyal to her friends and relentless with people she doesn’t like or trust. And she is a magnet for attracting trouble!

She and Tony Parsons have been feuding since grade 3. He’s a fireman now and “sooo hot”.  They still spar verbally and while she is very aware of him as a man, she’s not ready to get seriously involved with him. It‘s obvious that he is interested in her. He’s become protective and that ticks her off because she doesn’t need anyone to look after her and doing the “safe thing” is something she instinctively shies away from.

By defying Tony, taking risks and following her instincts, she exposes the biggest story that Riverdale, Iowa has ever encountered, bringing down a couple of highly regarded citizens in her wake.

This book is a fun read. Taci’s wit is sharp and playful banter keeps the story moving along at a fast pace. Her interaction with Tony is sexy and always keeps you guessing—is it ever going to happen? (God, I’d have grabbed him in a heartbeat!) There is action and suspense and mystery, and the ending was not what I expected it to be!

This book is the first of a series and I’m sure Amy Manemann will be entertaining us with many more books in the future!

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When you read Deadly Reunion you will like the fast pace and the playful banter. Expect to chuckle more than once. You’re in for a fun read!

Here’s to you! Enjoy