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Kristen Greene is in her mid thirty’s. She is a strong willed, independent woman; a widow who knows a loneliness that makes her feel like a fundamental part of her is missing. She has dreams that make no sense to her and they have become increasingly frequent. She loves being a cop and she lives and works in a sleepy little rural area known as Fawn Hollow. A young woman is murdered in particularly horrific way; her throat has been torn out—not cut.  It is soon evident that they have a serial killer in the area.

Kristen Greene’s involvement in the investigation changes her life forever.  She is a good cop intent on doing her duty, but she learns things about herself that she could never have imagined. Things,that are initially hard for her to accept, but that she eventually remembers clearly. Things, that happened over 40 years ago, in a different life time. Things,that will impede how she will perform her duty as a cop, on this case in this lifetime.

She meets two men who have been her lovers from that past; they are both intensely passionate and possessively attached to her. Julian has a wild overwhelming, unbridled passion for her. Alex is as just as desperately in love, but his approach is more controlled, tempered by the wisdom of the ages. Ultimately she has to choose one of them.

The passion is hot. The tension is incredible. There are a number of twists and turns in the plot that unfold in a story that flows evenly throughout it’s entirety. The end is not as predictable as it seemed it might be.

I really enjoyed this read even though I am not usually a “Vampire” fan.  The story was so well written the vampire theme didn’t even give me the chills!

A great read from Stacy Eaton.

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Grab a silver stake and keep it close by as you settle in for an exciting read–murder, mystery, hot passion, memories from the ancient past and vampires!

 Here’s a  toast to you!