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Julie Charters’ impulsive return to Gabriola Island confirmed that time does not always stand still.  She had no idea that David McNaughton, the man on whom she’d had a childhood crush, had lost his “perfect” wife and was alone.  Neither did she realize that after all these years he still held her heart; that he had always been there in the back of her mind, even though she had quit dreaming about him when he’d told her about Sandy.

Julie had been 13, sitting on the fence watching David do something with a cow in the paddock. She had hugged herself, stared at him, her childish heart in her eyes and asked, “David?  When I grow up, will you marry me and we can live in the farmhouse and be Mr. & Mrs. McNaughton?”

David had explained to her that he was going to marry Sandy, because she was perfect for him.  Julie had been devastated.  She had watched David and Sandy and their baby with envy.  They had what she so desperately craved; love, family, a home.

Headstrong and impulsive she had set her sights on Tom and he hadn’t had a chance. At 17, her desire to fall in love had carried them both into a runaway marriage. But their love hadn’t been enough and the ill fated relationship hadn’t lasted.

Julie had left Gabriola Island, vowing to never go back. She pulled her life together and now it was exactly as she wanted it. She loved the challenge of teaching at Unlimited Potential. Loved her new condo in Vancouver’s False Creek. Loved evenings at the theatre, weekends exploring the waterfront. Until she had come back she had been completely happy.

David McNaughton had always known what he wanted from life. He hadn’t wanted his life turned upside down. Sandy had been the perfect wife for him; someone who cared about the same things as he did, a partner on the farm. They’d had a peaceful life, never arguing. And he could have lived with her forever and he’d have been content.  But she had died, and he was alone.

Now Julie had come back into his life. He had loved her when she was 13, but he’d been a man and she’d been a child. Love hadn’t been possible for them then.  But now she was a woman…an infuriating, impulsive, impractical, stubborn woman who was still running from the things she didn’t want to deal with and constantly arguing with him about everything.

But she stirred something in him that he hadn’t known with Sandy; never would have known with her,even if they had been married for 50 years. Julie had always gotten inside the place’s he thought he could control; turned his emotions deeper, wider, thicker than anyone else. In a word, she turned his life upside down. And now they were both free–free to explore the desire they once shared.

But Julie kept running. She made it plain that she did not want to work on the farm with him, would not be a partner as Sandy had been.  In her mind Sandy would always be the perfect one for David.  She loved him but she knew better than to fall for a man had always thought of her as second best.

When Love Returns is a wonderfully satisfying read, filled with desire, fear, jealously and insecurity over the past that could spoil the present, passionate love making and two people who struggle to learn the steps of the dance of love.

Vanessa is a master at the craft of writing.  This book is full and running over with story; no filler or fluff.

Vanessa has written numerous books during her long and illustrious career.  You can find her at

I loved When Love Returns and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys contemporary romances. So settle in your favourite chair, put on some soft romantic music and lose yourself in When Love Returns!

My toast is to you! Lets click our glasses.