I got a email last night from LeRae Haynes who writes for WELCOME To WILLIAMS LAKE.COM.  saying she would like to “book” fifteen moments of my time for an interview.

My husband, Lloyd, had met her at the Earlybird Christmas Craft Sale at the Elks hall in Williams Lake when we were there promoting my book.  When she stopped by the booth to say hello, she said that she would like to do a promotion for me as a local author on the site.  I was thrilled and I gave her a copy of Hearts At Risk.

 When we chatted this morning I learned that, like me, she is an avid reader of many genres and she reads veraciously,  just as I do, consuming several books a week.  I forgot to ask her if she has a Kindle!

But!!! (drumroll here–can’t you hear it?) she LOVED Hearts At Risk!!  How thrilling for me!

Check out her review at  http://welcometowilliamslake.ca/index.php/imo/4617-gloria-antypowich-local-author-writing-from-the-heart.html

Thank you LeRae. You started my day of with a bang!

Here’s a toast to you! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!)