Hello World!

After building a home on two different sites, and discarding them both, I’ve finally found a “Blog House” where I can  live!  I must confess, I did build a website that I really liked -lacy black and beautiful burgandy but I just couldn’t get comfortable there–even though I loved it.  Finally, I threw up my hands  in frustration and called my friend, Michael Strauch at http://web.ecc-ca.com and begged for help.

Why didn’t I do this sooner?  He took the WordPress blog I had started, added some pages to it, plugged in the basic info that I had on the webpage and Voila! now all the links work. No-it isn’t lacy black and burgandy with a glorious sunset; sort of sexy and romantic for a romance writer–but  some relationships aren’t worth the pain!

Michael knows me well. At heart I am a country “girl” (tongue in cheek–I`m only a girl until I look in the mirror!) and after all the “heat” I generated trying to make the other relationship work it was a calming,comfortable feel to open this site and call it home!  The cool green color and the beautiful long tree lined trail–awww yes!  I`m at home.

So welcome to my home–I hope you will visit often.  I`d love to share conversation and a glass of wine with  you!